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Fantasies Do Come True girl photo
Fantasies Do Come True

Men have written to us over and over again to talk about their experience with the escorts that we have to offer throughout London, Essex, and Sussex. Each of them have their own story as to why they hired an escort and what happened, though the recurring theme is that fantasies do come true. We asked a few of our clients if it was okay to share their story.

Greg from Paddington wrote in and told us: “I just love spending time with escorts. I was very inexperienced in the world of women and after spending time with a few of the blonde escorts, they helped me to get some experience with women. They were flirtatious from the very moment that I opened my door and that put me at ease.

After a while, it was more about making my fantasies come true than them making me feel comfortable. I hinted at the bedroom and they jumped at the opportunity. Now all I have to do is ask for them to come as a certain character and we role play the entire night. My fantasies are acted out on a monthly basis!”

James from New York City had a very different experience. He was in town on business and asked for an escort to meet him at his hotel so that he could take her to a business function that was going on later that evening. “This blonde bombshell shows up in some of the slinkiest evening wear that I have ever seen. I took her as my date and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the entire night. When she whispered in my ear that she was ready to leave, I thought my time was up. I said good night to co-workers and left with her.

I brought her back to my hotel and she jumped me in the elevator. It was the kinkiest thing that has ever happened in my life and I can’t wait until my job sends me back to London so that I can have an amazing time with her or one of the other girls!”

Sam from Edinburgh had another story that we just loved. “Girls were never my thing. I stutter and am extremely nervous around girls, so I’m just not used to approaching them. Friends had given me a hard time for a while, so I called an escort company so I didn’t have to go to a friend’s wedding alone. A stunning brunette shows up and has a whole cover story developed for us to use. She was on my arm the entire time and my friends were so shocked.

I’ve since seen her a few more times and now I’m getting the courage to approach women. Until then, the girls take care of my other needs.”