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The girl opened the door and he stepped inside. He was in a hurry and when he saw her, he immediately wanted to go to the core of their meeting. She was slim but had large and round breasts. She also had a light and short bathrobe, which exposed her lace underwear. Her wonderful movements made him feel really excited. She crossed the narrow hallway to the room, and he walked all the way behind her, staring at her smooth-edged ass.
 She asked him if he would like a shower. He replied yes. She invited him to the bathroom where he could prepare for the next part of their meeting, which was to take two hours. He took a quick shower because he could not take the thought that this gorgeous girl might give him incredible pleasure in a moment. Fresh and slightly wet he entered the room. He had a towel on his hips, but one could see that his penis was prepared for action. She noticed it at once and touched it with her hand, not taking off the towel. She smiled at him. With one movement, she took off the towel and then took it in her mouth. At first, she moved her head slowly and then faster and faster. He lay down on the bed, and she took off her underwear.
Her sensual body was soft and smooth. He touched her back, arms, and firm buttocks. Her breasts were very appetizing and for a moment he sucked her nipples. She groaned with delight. She pointed his hand to her pussy, and he felt she was wet and ready for further play. He grasped her and lay down beside her on the bed, then raised her legs up. He entered her in smooth motion, and she started moaning loudly with every thrust. Her wonderful breasts swayed to the rhythm of his movements.
Then they changed position. She showed her buttocks to him, and he entered between them. His hands were on her hips and moved her to him rhythmically. Then she sat on his hard penis and gave him a moment to rest. He could admire her as she moved up and down. He reached for his hands and placed them on her breasts. He touched her hardened nipples. She looked at him and saw that he was happy. Sometimes she stopped her erotic dance to start again, giving him even more pleasure. She was in good shape. Then she turned around once more. Her shapely buttocks were in front of his eyes. He could admire them and enjoy great pleasure at the same time.
She decided to slow down and took his penis in her mouth. Her soft lips and lively tongue made him feel fantastic. The excitement grew. He laid beside on the side and then came in behind her. She groaned and he was breathing hard. She knew he would be there soon, so she helped him with her hips. After a few minutes he was ready for the final. He left her, and she grabbed his penis into her hands and made a fellatio. At the same time, she touched his chest and nipples. He finished, making a sound of contentment. She lay down beside him and stroked his chest. She was breathing hard, but she was also happy.
They lay for a few minutes to calm their breathing. Then he got up and went to the shower, and she was waiting for him in bed. When he came out of the shower, he dressed and paid her for a professional escort service. She accepted the money, put on her gown and walked him to the door. She smiled at him and he smiled back. When he came out of her apartment he was thinking of another meeting - he knew it would be as wonderful as the one that had just ended.
Such meetings were held at least once a month. He came to London and used the escort service of this girl regularly. She was the best escort in London, with whom he liked to hang out.